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Our firm offers physical security services by state certified security officers. Additionally we offer State of California Approved Training in our Security Academy. We are also hiring.


Physical Security

Certified Protection Professionals

Red Dragon Private Security is a fully licensed and insured business that offers armed and unarmed State Certified Security Officers, plain clothes loss prevention, vehicle patrol, and process serving. We work with commercial business, neighborhood watch groups, retail stores, special event organizers, lawyers, and insurance companies.


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We are hiring. Contact us to find out more about our growing team of security professionals in the Bay Area. And if you not yet certified, consider enrolling in our security academy. If you have no criminal history, verifiable employment history and you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of Red Dragon Security & Investigations team, contact us.


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Your AiVR offers an intelligent, around-the-clock video monitoring with deep-learning software and advanced computing, coupled with cloud storage. Your videos will always be safe, secure, and access able from any device.


Clients will have special access to their reports, viewable 24/7


Receive notifications on safety & security issues in real time


Schedule summaries of activities and incidents on site


Gather all site information into a single centralized platform


Use checkpoints for specific checklists with exceptions to rules and triggers


Data Centralization


Paperless Operation

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Red Dragon Private Security has always put countless hours of devotion to its clients’ needs. We are available whenever you need us with support you can trust.

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Our dedication to Bay Area private security services will make sure your employees and customers feel secure in their day to day activities. We make your workplace safe.

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