Certified Protection Professionals


Red Dragon Private Security is a fully licensed and insured company that offers certified guard card training, uniform, armed and unarmed officers, plain clothes loss prevention, vehicle patrol, and process serving. Most of the customers who hire Red Dragon Security and Investigation are commercial business, neighborhood watch groups, retail stores, special event organizers, lawyers, and insurance companies. All security officers will receive a thorough screening before being deploy to the job site.

The company offer well-trained security officers for the following purpose:


Protect employees, guest and client assets


Screen guest and employees


Crime deterrent


Reporting unusual activity


Liaison with emergency services


Loss prevention


Respond to emergencies


Security planning and thread assessment


Certify security training




Take your business protection to the next level

Increase Efficiency and Streamline Process


TrackTik’s real-time Guard Tour System provides all the information to everyone who needs it, when they need it.


Operation managers can immediately see whether protocols are respected and take corrective action without delay. Guards and patrollers become more self- sufficient, which significantly improves their sense of ownership.

  • NFC technology ensures guards visit checkpoint
  • Precise instructions per site or checkpoint
  • Important reminders displayed upon scanning checkpoint
  • Custom forms and verifications lists can also be prompted
  • Tour-status display, including duration, missed checkpoints and collected reports
  • Data accessible instantly via mobile device
  • Centralized management of single or multiple sites from a single dashboard
  • Discreet, low-cost, weather-proof tokens
  • No system installation or server maintenance required
  • Mobile access from any Android device supporting NFC technology

Reporting and Analytics


TrackTik’s Reporting and Incident Trending and Analytics module enables you to organize and tap the security information gathered in the field.

You can create customized templates for the different types of reports you require us to provide, so that the information is presented in the best way for you to analyze it.

You can take that data and use it to assess performance, identify risks and trends, and make planning decisions, such as increasing staffing coverage or improving access control.

Or you can access analyses we carry out for you and skip straight to the decision-making.



TrackTik’s geo-fencing provides a robust suite of notifications and options that can be tailored to support coverage expectations for any site.

Create geo-fences for authorized and unauthorized areas and stay in control with real-time SMS and/or email notifications.


Increase accountability and enhance field visibility


Flexibility to create several geo-zones per site


Options to configure authorized and unauthorized geo-zones

Solitary Officer Protection


TrackTik’s Solitary Officer Protection System enables you to ensure compliance with labour and safety regulations, while lowering risk and liability.

Dispatch Patrol System


With TrackTik’s Dispatch and Patrol Management System, facilitate officer deployment with real-time GPS locations to track all activities in detail.

Visitor Management


With TrackTik’s Visitor Management System you can manage package drop-off and pick-up, Barcode scanning and inventory.

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